P1020053                                                                                 P1020054  Cunnamulla Ex 001
 Quilpie Remembers Light Horse Tribute  Storm in the North
                                              Moonrise over Quilpie                                   Scud NEar Gi-Gi, Nocktunga  At the Plevna Dig Site
Moon Rise over Quilpie from Baldy Top Scud Near Gi-Gi, Nockatunga At the Plevna Dig Site
 007  image 4  image 9
 Caves at Baldy Top  Long Way Home 2  Out Where the Dead Men Lie 2
                                                                                             image 15  P1010960  View from my verandah
 Sundown in the Red Country   Boree on Whynot  View from my Verandah
 P1010997  The Station Road 1                                                                                   P1010996
 Corner Country Cloudscape  The Station Road 1   Looking East on Sundown at the Lake
 Nockabarara Waterhole 2  Sandhill near Nockabarara  Morning - Withula Waterhole
Nockabarara Waterhole 2  Sandhill Near Nockabarara  Morning – Withula Waterhole
 Where strange paths go down  Moon Rise Near Yowah 1  P1020082
 Where Strange Paths Go Down Moon Rise Over Yowah 1  Troopers
 River of Life Easter Camp  One moon, two planets
 River of Life  Easter Camp One Moon, Two Planets
 Moon rise near Yowah 2  South Galway Sundown  The Station Road 2
  Moon Rise at Yowah 2 South Galway Sundown   The Station Road 2
 Rain Somewhere  Out where the dead men lie                                                                                                   Lake Bullawarrie
 Rain Somewhere  Out Where the Dead Men Lie  Lake Bullawarrie